Parminder Singh & Company is a repertoire Indian company providing professional services concerning primary fields of accounting, auditing, consulting, and its allied arenas. We have expertise in ethically providing customer-oriented services with industry-leading strategies and professionalism.


Tailored Solutions & Research

As we help clients from a multitude of fields we ensure that we give them the exact solution that can fulfill their exclusive demand. For this, we run thorough research and recall experiences from our previous successful projects. In addition, we implement the latest strategies and analyze current market situations with the help of experts so our clients can get the best-in-class assistance.

Long-Term Professional Relationships

Our client-centric approach has helped us build long-term professional relationships with our clientele, which comprises mainly leading publicly held Indian companies and reputed Multinational Corporations.

Core Areas of Specialization

Our core areas of specialization are Internal Audit and Process Improvement Studies, which we have mastered and considered as a leader. Our approach for executing constructive process-based assessment ensures control assurance and helps to rebuild the structure of the internal system for maximum output.

Adding Strength to the Growth of Corporate India

In an environment of competition, we are continuously striving to ensure our maximum contribution to a better India, shining with prosperous corporate excellence and success.

Responsible Discharge

We ensure that every part of our company becomes equally profound with our service. So, we manage every responsibility to the fullest to get happy customers and a bright and meticulous team to lead the company toward success